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[FierceBiotech] Shawver takes the wheel at I-O biotech Silverback Therapeutics

Juhee Kim Juhee Kim
2020-04-24 17:18
원본기사주소 ↓ (Apr 22th, 2020)

After Sanofi snapped up Synthorx for $2.5 billion in January, the latter’s CEO, Laura Shawver, Ph.D., was out of a job. She wasted no time scoping out her next gig, eventually reuniting with an old colleague and landing at the helm of Silverback Therapeutics, a biotech working on a new kind of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).

“I am first and foremost a scientist—my curiosity of the unknown is what drives me. There was never a question I would be joining another biotech,” Shawver told FierceBiotech.

The real question, then, was where she’d end up. After talking with lots of people about interesting science and compelling business opportunities, Shawver fell in with Peter Thompson, M.D., the OrbiMed partner who co-founded Silverback and Cleave BioSciences—the first biotech Shawver led—and who also invested in Cleave and backed Synthorx’s series C round in 2018.

“We’ve been sharing stories for a long, long time and we’re like-minded in that we oftentimes see the gaps and ask ourselves the question: How can we fill those gaps?” Shawver said. “That’s why he started Silverback.”